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Hello guys,

Black Friday is when people rush to get a last minute on sale gift for loved ones or a friend..well me I don't do it..Even if I had the money I'm not sure if I would still do it. People gets crazy, impatient, and greedy. Some aren't so immature. If at the least I'd do it online. Next year I may do it online depending on my own financial independence. But, man I am seeing a lot of black friday stuff on fashion websites I have bought off of in the past. Which reminds me that last night my mom heard from her dad(aka grandpa to me and my siblings)and he brought up a wish list. Then my mom brought up next weekend going Christmas shopping with my dad for us together and we find a way to prevent us from seeing what they will get. Since I am not totally sure what to get my dad or mom or siblings I could simply make or buy a card. This Christmas I really want a better quality updated digital camera. The one I use for my YouTube videos works, but the quality could be better when I zoom in, and I've had it for maybe 2 years. Maybe I won't get a new camera, but I also would like a better laptop as well. And for the laptop it's slow, and freezes, but that's because it has not enough ram for what I'd use it for mostly. Anyway. If you shopped black friday I hope you were safe and found something good for your loved one. Happy holidays and stay warm as it's cold every night and morning!!

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