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Happy Friday

Hello guys,

At last it's a Friday. I'm at home and took a day off of my program even though all we do is go bowling. I thought about going bowling the other day because every Friday we go bowling, but then yesterday I am very wiped out from the long week and been stressed at the same time so I said nah I will take a day off. Also last night I started listening to some Christmas music on K103. Although I've noticed some songs are not easy to listen to from stuff I have to work through which means annoyingly at those moments I have to shut the radio off, but then the next hour or a few hours later I'll see what the next song is. Some of it I can handle, but some not so much. Hope everyone's week is going well the weekend is tomorrow.

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Oceanblue wrote on November 20, 2015, 10:31 PM

Hi! Yes it is amazing how music can affect our emotions. Currently I don't like to watch any romantic movies as I am alone. Have a great day.