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Finally the weekend!

Finally! It is Friday evening and the start of the weekend! Woohoo!

Man, it has been a loooooong and frustrating week at work. It felt like my patience was draining away drip by drip as the hours and minutes went by. Today it literally was touch and go as to whether I was actually going to make it through to the end of the day without running out of the building with my purse and keys screaming. Let's just say that I barely made it.

I took a nice long nap when I got home today because I was absolutely physically and mentally exhausted. Now I'm up and ready to just relax this evening and let the frustrations of the past week float away. I so needed this weekend to arrive just at the moment that it did!

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Paulie wrote on November 13, 2015, 11:14 PM

I hope you really enjoy your weekend. Now that I am retired, every day seems the same.