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Sick Season or Plain Stress


Recently for the past 2-3 days I not only figure out why my throat was hurting where I swallow, but it turned into actually catching a cold after. At first I was wondering if I caught a cold from the flu season nope I don't think it's that. I think I've been stressed about one certain thing. How would sickness be this bruised painful feeling where you swallow? That's just it stress has to do with it. Thankfully my throat is better now to get over this annoying cold. The past few nights are hard to sleep when your nose is plugged up and can't breath out of it so you use your mouth to breath. Like last night was hard to sleep the way my nose was, but eventually I slept. Sunday night I almost thought about not coming to my program the next day. That night was filled with low energy and a stuffed nose. I was thinking''if I feel this way the next morning I'm not coming''. Instead of feeling low energy I just had a stuffed nose which I was able to deal with. Although when I went and I keep sniffling my nose it starts hurting a bit. Again I thought''if my nose doesn't feel any better I am going home''. I ended up staying until the end.

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