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Job Goals/Updates and Where I am on it

Hi guys,

Yesterday was very busy, but today I have off and tomorrow. So, yesterday I was trying to get help from one of the case managers in this program I'm in to help me answer specific questions through another job resource that works with disabilities and I ended up not getting to work on the questions because one I was distracted/busy, the case manager was busy doing stuff, and plus when I bugged the case manager again we didn't have time to go through them which means doing so on Thursday. It's ok even though I want to get this application I got for it done to help me get the process of starting a paid job possibly in February or March. What is going through my head with all of this and what are my goals? To see what this job resource will do. I used to apply for many jobs in the past even though nothing came of it. Although this is reminding me of another question in my head that I will somehow figure out myself once I start working for real..Will I still do online work? That's just it I am not sure maybe it'll depend on how many hours of work I do in public. Since I have to still wait on that I've been doing some types of online work even though it's slow..

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