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Halloween And Today

Hello guys,

How was everyone's Halloween? Mine went well. We were gonna go to Krispy Kreme donuts, but the storm got out of hand. The weekend was really bad weather I mean very pouring wet, flooding and very windy. I had a bad day in a laugh way with the first thing I did for Halloween outside. My brother wanted to leave the mall after we did some trick or treating, so we started leaving. When we were trying to get in the car(I'm holding my umbrella to prevent myself from getting wet)the rain got crazy and the wind. What happened was the wind got strong enough it twisted my umbrella back, and bent it bad enough that it's broken now. Crazy. And the boots I wore that day...They were soaked...on our way back home was a pain..many people were trying to get where they needed to go, but the difference is the people on the road were cutting us off, and being impatient on not barging in the lanes we slowly went in. Otherwise, Halloween was great!! So, today is November 2nd on a Monday. My day went fine just a bit awkward, and stressful at times.

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