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Never Mind The Clouds! Why Do Basic Microwaves Not Have A Silver Lining?

Perhaps the title of my post should really be, why is my four year old Panasonic microwave oven rusting?

Out of the austerity period and into prosperity, or so it feels after the big crash of 2014, economically. Whilst the rest of the world are in pick up mode from where they left off, economies are only beginning to return ever so slowly. But things haven't really changed, not for the big name brands and companies who produce household appliances or "white goods" as they are commonly known as.

When I opened the door to my Panasonic microwave this morning I found a rust patch on the inner door. I couldn’t believe it - this oven of mine was only purchased four years ago and I always keep my ovens clean as well as dry afterwards where condensation collects. I need a microwave oven in my life due to the fast pace of life I lead. You can see that from the sporadic posts I write for

The term “ planned obscelence ,” springs to mind here though. It is a term that almost all major brands of household appliances use these days to termly discontinue products produced rather than give them a lengthy shelf life that will ultimately benefit the buyer - and my Panasonic oven looks like it will shortly become another product destined for land fill rather than it being recycled. The lining has totally been destroyed by rust and I fear it will not be safe to use the microwave because of the bubbling surface of its painted acrylic lining where the turntable also sits and also by the entrance to the actual oven when the door is opened. Panasonic really haven't done themselves proud; they were once the proud and leading brand of microwaves in Europe but quality has slipped as well as the brand eliminating their floorcare ranges in Europe and the UK, too.

As is looking for a new microwave oven has posed a few problems. For a start it seems that only one or two brands are offering a microwave only model that has an all important rust resistant stainless steel interior - all the others resist on this more expensive metal and instead offer acrylic lined interiors or painted interiors. The Panasonic range isn’t alone in this cheaper coating. Anti-bacterial claims of other painted coatings are still painted; they’re not going to help prolong rust and if I want a basic microwave that has the all important stainless steel interior, I have to spend close to £100 and over for the privilege.

When you think how long microwave ovens have been around, it begs the question on whether it is worth buying an oven that expensive or not. (c)Nar2Reviews2015.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on November 1, 2015, 8:29 PM

Sadly most things are made to be worn out in just a few years time now