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Preparations for the Invasion

Have you begun the preparations for the invasion of ghouls and monsters today? The hour is nigh and all sortds of creatures and goblins will appear upon your property at the break of night.

First you will need to stockpile your ammunition in defense of these horrible apparitons. I would suggest a large, large bucket full of the finest and most expensive candied delicacies that can be found. It seems to subside their lusts.

Second, camoflage your surroundings to sooth their devilish spirits with decorations resembling their haunting grounds. Making your home a dark and dank place with spiderwebs and such is always helpful.

And last, do not be afraid to make the right choice when asked "Trick or Treat?" The correct answer is "Treat". You do not want to suffer their evil wrath and have a "Trick" bestowed upon you.

Happy Halloween.

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WordChazer wrote on October 31, 2015, 2:56 PM

Some of ours use silly string in self defence. That stuff truly is evil - worse than flour-water mix and toxic to car paint. What on earth the manufacturers put in it I have no clue, but it can't be safe, wholesome or ecologically sound!