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Coffee Addiction!

I never really use to drink coffee. It never really appealed to me that much. I have always been a tea drinker.My mother and my little brother always bring coffee home or asking me to bring some back from the store. I have had a few cups before and I always made it really sweet with a lot of cream. It never really sat well in my stomach and made me sick. Well for the past two weeks I have been drinking it everyday . This time I only add a little sweetened cream and nothing else. I kind of like it strong and now it doesn't make me sick. Since I have been drinking it every morning I wonder if I have developed an addiction. I also wonder if too much coffee can be bad for you? I know it can stain your teeth but that's all I know. I think I will look up the pros and cons about drinking a lot of coffee.

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6snowroses.6doves4peace wrote on October 22, 2015, 9:15 PM

Hello SpokenHart. Nice to meet you! As a fellow coffee drinker, I can tell you, that yes, coffee can becoming highly addicting. I can only have one cup a day, but if I don't get that one cup, watch out! Caffiene is a drug, and therefore addicting. And yes, drinking too much of it in one day can be very bad for you, so try to limit yourself if you can.