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Weekend, WWE and Writing - Oh My!

I was thinking of skipping my blogging today, but decided not to. I didn’t realize my last post on here was on October 15th. My bad lol. Between the usual writing and babysitting, and then spending time with my loved ones, I’ve been a bit busy lately.

I went shopping with my best friend on Friday. I picked up a pair of leggings and Boy Meets World season two, both for decent prices, and everything else was groceries/necessities. I went to Summers Farm with my family on Saturday. It had a hayride, slides, bouncy areas, a corn maze and even a fireworks show. It was cold and exhausting, but it was sooo much fun. It’s the second pumpkin patch/fall activity I have done this season, and I hope to do more at some point. :) Sunday was my lazy day, and I didn’t post anything, go anywhere, etc.

This week is business as usual - babysitting during the day and writing in the evening. One of the clients I enjoy working with posted a TON of jobs on the open order pool a few hours ago, so I’ve been a bit busy lol. I took a short break to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown haha.

I did get my tickets to the WWE live event in December. I’m going with my best friend, and we have third row seats. :D The bad news? My current favorite -Randy Orton- has a dislocated shoulder and it’s uncertain as to whether or not he will be there. It may depend on whether or not he needs surgery, and I don’t know when he is getting the MRI (as news sites reported). I’m still going to the show, and I intend to have a blast, but this does put a damper on things considering he was basically my main reason for going. :-/ I’ve pretty much accepted that he won’t be there. That way, if he’s there I’ll be surprised, and if he’s not, I won’t feel as bad. I hope he’s not in any pain though, and I hope he won’t need the surgery.

Alrighty, I’m watching The Golden Girls, finishing up my coffee and writing until 11ish. I have made a list of everyone I need to get back to on here, but I do want to finish my actual work right now. I’ll get back to you all soon! You all have a good night, enjoy the rest of your week and take care.

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LoudMan wrote on October 20, 2015, 9:50 PM

Golden Girls will eat your brain. Enjoy the evening.

Paulie wrote on October 20, 2015, 11:55 PM

It appears that you had a super weekend. Have you ever seen Randy Orton wrestle live before?

Lillybell wrote on October 23, 2015, 7:17 PM

He has a decent amount of time to heal, but it does depend on his body and just how bad the injury was. I hope he makes it there so you can see him.

I love the Golden Girls and sometimes I still watch them, but it is a bit hard for me to now because it was my Grandma who introduced them to me. She watched every episode hundreds of times and she said she could say their lines for them! Now, whenever I watch them, I think of her. I like all of the girls, but my favorite is Sophia. :)

ViperGirl85 wrote on October 26, 2015, 7:39 PM

LOL, why do you say that?

ViperGirl85 wrote on October 26, 2015, 7:39 PM

Thanks, and I have seen Randy wrestle a bunch; met him 3x as well.

ViperGirl85 wrote on October 26, 2015, 7:40 PM

Thanks. I hope so, but I don't even know if he had the MRI done yet. Awe, I'm sorry. :-/ I love The Golden Girls; Sophia is my favorite too. She's so witty, and wise. :)

Lillybell wrote on October 26, 2015, 9:00 PM

ViperGirl85 , That's strange, I guess they didn't want to give out to much personal information on his health. It would be nice to know if he is okay, though. Sophia, is very wise and witty, I love her Sicilian stories, "Picture it...". I would like to taste her marinara sauce too lol.

Paulie wrote on October 26, 2015, 11:25 PM

I don't think I have ever seen him. Is he a big muscular man?

ViperGirl85 wrote on November 3, 2015, 8:37 PM

Sorry I haven't responded to your email yet. There's an update, but I'm going to post it in a separate post. He's going to be okay in the long run, but this sucks. :( And yes! Or Rose's "back in St. Olaf......" lol. XD

Lillybell wrote on November 3, 2015, 10:30 PM

It's alright. I read your update and it's sad to hear that his injury was that bad. I figured if he needed surgery, he wouldn't make it. Hopefully, the Doctor can stabilize his shoulder and with some Physical Therapy, maybe they can make him less prone to this type of injury.

Rose, is always a silly one. Her St. Olafian words and stories are funny.

ViperGirl85 wrote on November 4, 2015, 10:43 PM

I think he gets them tightened up every now and then, but he has several things going on in his shoulder, and he needs to have it fixed. :-/ Surgery is definitely happening, and he'll be gone until at least May. I just sent you an email - and even if he's healed by March, Wrestlemania is in April, so that's not a whole lot of time to build up a storyline for him imo. :-/

I love Rose. I love that whole show. There's just something about it that relaxes me; helps me to unwind lol.

Lillybell wrote on November 6, 2015, 2:57 PM

I do feel bad for him. I hope he gets well soon. It's such a tough and demanding job, but they know that when they sign their contracts. They have a lot of respect from me.

It is a relaxing show. I watch it when I have a lot of anxiety or just need to relax. I don't what it is about that show that makes it so comforting.

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