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Going without your pet

It's been a hard weekend. First, I saw a snapchat story (for those of you who do not know snapchat, it is an app where you pretty much take a picture, caption it, and put it up or send it to friends), the story was of my current rebound guy saying how he wants "a white girl with a big booty"...are you serious? Sorry I'm not good enough for your perverted wants and desires. What a jerk! I haven't spoken to him since I saw that and I really don't want to. Though the thing is, I have his usb phone charger from he was last here...that was like four days ago. Obviously he doesn't need it as much as he said when I told him.

Then on Sunday when I had work, our phone and internet were down for the beginning of the day so cards were having trouble processing, sometimes not at all. It was super stressful.

Then to top everything off, yesterday I get off work to a text from my roommate saying we have fleas, probably from our neighbors downstairs or from a dog my other roommate sometimes brings over, so I have to get the cat out or move out completely. I never thought I would ever be in this type of situation! I instantly called my mom, trying to hold back sobs as I asked if they could take my cat until I graduate in December. I was so overwhelmed. Upon all the stress I'm already dealing with from boys, and work and school, I won't be able to see my cat. At least I was able to find a couple friends who can take my cat in until December, and they're relatively good friends so I'll be able to visit and stuff. It's just going to be so different not coming home to my cat after tonight.

The longest I have ever been away from my cat is two am I going to handle a few days or even a week without being able to hold him and have him cuddle by my side at night? It's going to be difficult and heartbreaking. Now I have a stronger motive to graduate and get out of this town.

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