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So tired this evening.

This evening i am really tired, i have worked s much today, almost 12 hours and i really feel a bit too tired now. It's 23:30 here, more or less, tomorrow morning i will have to wake up at 7:00 AM so i better go to bed as soon as possible, i will have about 7 hours of sleep, enough to recharge my batteries, but maybe i need a bit more time to recover all that tiredness inside me. I had to go to the gym too but i didn't because of twi things, first i was really too tired to go and stress my body even more, and the second reason was that one of my car lights faild so i had to change it but it was very difficult, partly because the light was dasigned to make sure that only an engeneer could open and fix it, and then because it was night outside i had only my mobile phone as a torch. Better go to bed now, i can't stay up much longer.

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cheri wrote on October 13, 2015, 11:00 PM

Hope you can get the rest that you need so you can be recharged for another day