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Busy Busy

Everyone is running around with no time for anything relaxing these days as we seize any opportunity to make money in this post recession economy. As people get older they seem to have even more things that need to get done and worry others around them with the tasks needed. It's not easy to sit back and assess life the way that people used to do.

People are too connected to one another. People are too demanding of one another. Everyone equates 'more' with success when it could be hinderances as well. The strategy needs to be adapted to do things that take up less time and give more freedom, but it's like everyone is caught up in a downhill marathon. The harder you push yourself at the top, the less likely you'll be able to stop your momentum by the time you approach where the finish line is. Even if your body is breaking apart from the stress you have no choice but get dragged down by gravity.

What's the worth in a life like that? Shouldn't it be time to change the equation and make things better in a world where technology should make things easier, rather than more complicated?

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