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Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 21e

Chapter 21e:

"No mom...Till now I've met a dozen of girls and all are just bad...Dad made me meet a girl who I hate so much...Thank God I was saved before it became to late." Raghav says while sitting on the couch near his mother.

Vikram walks in talking over the phone and stops as he notices Raghav at home. "You're here? I told you to attend the meeting with Mr. Gupta." Gauri stops him and says "Oh Vikram. Don't be so rude to your son. He just came home after attending the meeting. Now let him take some rest." "But what happened in the meeting?" Gauri raises her eye brow and Vikram thinks of discussing this sometime later as Raghav was not in a mood of talking. Raghav gets up to go to his room when Vikram stops him saying "Don't go anywhere. Just sit here for few moments."

Raghav sits on the couch and Vikram rolls his sleeve up saying "I spoke to Mr. Rajeev Kapoor in the afternoon. He has not yet found a groom for his daughter Kalpana." Raghav looks up at him in astonishment and Vikram continues saying "I've decided that Kalpana is the best girl for you. Her family is well educated and they have a good reputation in society."

"Dad but...I can't get married to that girl." Raghav snaps and Vikram rolls his eyes and smirks saying "Why? Because she's the same girl who got you arrested sometime back?" Gauri's eyes widen on hearing this and she looks confused at both father and son. Raghav lowers his eyes and Vikram laughs saying "That's the main reason why she's the best. A girl who knows how to handle loafers like you." "Vikram" Gauri tris to make him stop while Vikram keeps laughing and stands up saying "I've said what I had to say. Gauri, don't worry. The girl is beautiful and she will be a perfect DIL. Will fix a meeting with them tomorrow." Raghav keeps looking at his father walk away and bangs his head with his hand.

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Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show "Ek Mutthi Asmaan" on ZEE TV.

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