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Ragna SS: ACFILA Chapter 21d

Chapter 21d:

Preeti enters the room and notices Kalpana sitting quietly on the bed in darkness. She switches on the lights which takes Kalpana by a shock.

"Aunty, why did you come here? I want to be alone for sometime. Please let me be by myself."

"Hmmm...Now Kalpi has become so big that she doesn't want to sit with her own family members. This new generation kids are so wise that they can think for themselves and they don't want their parents to interfere in their life."

"Aunty...Don't taunt me...I just don't want to get married now but mom and dad can't understand this. The constant pressure of getting married now...Urghh...It's killing me aunty. As if marriage is the only thing a girl can do after she turns 20."

Preeti comes near Kalpana and caresses her back. "I can understand this Kalpi as I've also been through this phase. The moment a girl turns 20, parents get worried for their daughter's marriage. When I was your age, my parents also were the same. When I completed my college, they started searching boys for me too and then Ravi came into my life. In two months itself, he made me fall in love with him and I wanted to spend my entire life with him. We got engaged then but may be...(she tears up and Kalpana holds her hands to console her) may be destiny wasn't in our favor and I lost Ravi in a car accident." She starts crying and Kalpana wipes her tears saying "Aunty, I dint mean to hurt you. I'm sorry."

"Don't be Kalpi...You were very small when this happened...The thing I wanted to explain you is..We all get only one person in life...A person who changes our life and who makes us fall in love...God gives us just one chance while few lucky people keep finding new love...In my life, it was only Ravi...Now it's your turn to get that one person who's going to be your life...I know Kalpi that at this age, we are not able to think about marriage but once this age passes by, it gets very tough for a girl to get an appropriate groom. Look at me...That's why I am saying this to you...Just meet the boys and choose the best one who can understand you. Give them a chance as well and I promise you that you will marry the person whom you choose...It won't be our choice only. You agree?"

Kalpana looks away and says "OK aunty. As you say." Preeti smiles and hugs her saying "That means you agree and so my work is done." Kalpana widens her eyes and says "Means you had planned all this? This is an emotional blackmail aunty." Preeti bites her tongue and holds her ears to apologize. "That's mean aunty." Kalpana grumbles and Preeti pulls her cheeks saying "Now since you are already blackmailed, please forgive me." Kalpana nods her head refusing to forgive Preeti and Preeti tries to be playful and moves her fingers in the air trying to tickle Kalpana on her waist. Kalpana starts giggling and keeps screaming "No aunty...OK ok...I forgive you...Stop please."

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Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show "Ek Mutthi Asmaan" on ZEE TV.

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