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Total for the Summer Challenge

Well, I was a long way from the 150 miles I wanted to do for the summer challenge. I started out really strong in July, doing 4 miles almost every day that month. Unfortunately, that was not a good thing for me. I put myself in one of the worst fibromyalgia I've had in years. The month of August was spent recuperating for the most part. I did get to feeling a little better in September, although not back to normal. I was glad that I got some more walking in that month.

I ended the challenge with 97.25 miles total. I almost made 100 miles, which is better than I thought I would do. I am at 291.69 miles for the whole year as of last night.

I will post my new challenge here soon in case anyone else wants to join me. The more the merrier. Wish me luck for the last quarter, y'all.

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lexiconlover wrote on October 1, 2015, 8:10 PM

That's still really good. I got 5 and a half miles in at the gym last week in one day. I may join you with the next challenge.

AngelSharum wrote on October 1, 2015, 8:54 PM

That's a great day you had last week. I would love for you to join me. I just posted about the challenge that started today.

Feisty56 wrote on October 1, 2015, 9:46 PM

I think you have to set your goals with your health condition in mind, but you must realize that, too. I think nearly 100 miles with a huge fibromyalgia flare-up in there is awfully good.

wolfgirl569 wrote on October 1, 2015, 10:42 PM

Thats still great and even more so with losing a month. Hope you can make it this time

paigea wrote on October 1, 2015, 10:52 PM

I should think of a challenge I could set myself. I am sticking faithfully to my Weight Watchers diet and not losing weight.

AngelSharum wrote on October 2, 2015, 1:00 PM

Thank you. I hope I can as well. If I don't push too hard and mess myself up, I should make it.

AngelSharum wrote on October 2, 2015, 1:01 PM

I feel your pain. I started a new plan this month because I wasn't losing with my old one.

AliCanary wrote on October 4, 2015, 7:13 AM

I think a good goal for me would be to just do SOME walking on a regular basis!