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Indiscipline on our roads under construction

About seven months ago, a new begun in my area to open up the place for better business and development. The roads are 35% complete with gutters on both shoulders complete.
However it has claimed one life and injured three people due to careless and unnecessary speeding by drivers especially taxi drivers that ply this road. There person who died was knocked by a runaway driver, another was seriously hurt as he was riding his racing bike at night during a power cut. He hit the bike’s font tyre against a big stone like the one in the picture fell off the bike and hit his face right on the stone. He had a big cut with blood oozing out. He had to be taken to the biggest hospital in Ghana to have a stitch. His face was little deformed after that.
Do we blame the people who put the stones on the road, the power company for the power cut or the drivers whose careless driving called for the stones in the first place or the rider?
Every morning I fear for the lives of children on the street as they walk to school with these drivers on the same street. Even with the stones and logs on the road, they are still over speeding. Only God knows the number of domestic animals like fowls, dogs and goats they have killed on the 2 kilometer stretch of the road in question


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Anja wrote on June 12, 2014, 10:01 AM

It doesn't matter where you live, there will always be drivers who speed and endanger others. Here, there would be huge lawsuits against everyone involved, from the construction company to the drivers to whoever put the stones in the road.