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I Win

What he sees he knows, walking alive

He don’t need me to tell him it’s a tease

He just needs a little space among the trees

Inside my dwelling head

A place for him to laugh, a place to lead


Hanging out with heavy shoes, walking up a mountain

Feeling the sun, the only thing that is right

He’s alive inside behind my eyes

A vehicle, my head, but I’m still fucking thriving

Driving and diving around and breaking


Imagine the sky turning black

The stars coming down into your eyes

Come and play with me while he’s alive

I can’t feel your love because I died

While this fucker is alive, driving me away


Mountains crumbling, he wins and wins and wins

While I go and go and go into the unknown

Of what he knows, diving deep with stars in my eyes

A cat panicking from a dog’s bark

What I’ve become while he’s alive


It sure gets depressing when I’m high

Feeling low with disgust

My guts rotting, dying slowly

Walking the line and going blindly

He drives and makes me dive, breaking me


The sun is the only thing that is right

Big ol’ smile with my coffee stained teeth

I win, I win, you hear me inside there

Inside my mind full of stars

The sun makes me win, I win you fuck

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