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For Love and Hate Are So Close Akin.....?

Do you remember "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love" ? What a beautiful song. "Ice Castles". The blind gal and Robby Benson?

That first love. I remember the one. I later did some thinking and I think he was the one. Sad that it couldn't be. You see he had four sons already. What a sad man he was. A wife who had broken his heart by several infedelities. So he was not going to try again. I respected that and I had to move on but it was heart wrenching.

I met up with him again several years later and he was of the opinion that I hated him. No, I loved him still. We spent a wonderful night together and I treasure that.

What is it they say.....? For love and hate are so close akin.....?!

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