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A Need to Change

This world has undergone a history of turning points that decide its outcome along the way, with few modes of connection as outstanding as this modern era. Routes of trade and communication reached large points before in the distant past before it was destroyed by humanity's own hands. No one remembers the tragedy that befell the world then, and the event was erased from history.

Many millennia later, we think that we are the top of what is. We don't see the need to change ourselves for the better because people think they are defining a new sense of direction for the species. They can't learn from something that isn't recorded.

Other intellectuals know as well, of the tragic events that nearly erased everything. Most religions today were created from the aftermath of that event, as a means of controlling people. But the control has spiraled out of control and created a new problem.

It's time to wake up. So we need to be controlled any longer, or will we establish a sense of freedom that will make things better? There is a need to change it all, and the time to do that is now.

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