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Roasted Garlic and Vegetable Soup (Vegan): Recipe

As the fall season approaches, temperatures dip, and there is an abundance of autumn harvest, soups make the perfect meal to warm the body and soul.

Making your own pot of soup can be healthier and less expensive than buying canned soups. It is also easy to make and is adaptable to setting an extra place at the dining table when your child's friend from the football team shows up at dinner time after the early fall season practice.

The types of soups that can be made are limitless. Meat lovers can add chunks of whatever you have on hand. Vegetarians have many options. There are fish soups, egg soups, vegetable soups, and more. There are thin broths, or hearty stews. The list can go on, so use your imagination!

Many cooks think of soup as putting meat and vegetables in a pot, adding water and seasoning and simmering until done. When using the abundance of root vegetables available during the fall, a delicious way to start is to roast the vegetables first, adding a depth of flavor and color to the heartiness of the soup.

In this soup, you can leave the skins on many of the root vegetables, if you prefer. Try to keep all vegetable pieces about the same size (1/2 inch cubes or chunks), for even cooking. All ingredient amounts are approximate; keep the prepared vegetable-to-vegetable ratio one-to-one (i.e. 1 cup each, 2 cups each, etc.)

Roasted Garlic and Vegetable Soup (Vegan)


1 large Yukon Gold potato, scrubbed and diced
1 medium sweet potato, peeled and diced
2 medium golden (orange) beets, peeled and diced
1 medium rutabagas, peeled and diced
1 large or 2 medium parsnips, peeled and sliced into 1/2 inch chunks or cubes
2 to 3 carrots, scrubbed and sliced into 1/2 inch chunks or cubes
1 large leek, sliced lengthwise, cleaned thoroughly, then sliced thin crosswise
1 head garlic, cut off top third exposing the cloves
4 to 5 Tbsp. olive oil
1 quart vegetable stock or water
1 cup apple juice or cider
2 bay leaves
2 Tbsp. fresh parsley, minced
2 Tbsp. fresh thyme leaves
Freshly ground pepper and sea salt, to taste


Preheat oven to 400F degrees. Sprinkle a bit of olive oil over cut side of garlic and wrap in foil and put in oven to roast.

Mix potato, sweet potato, beets, rutabagas, parsnips, and carrots with approximately 3 Tbsp. olive oil, coating well. Place in single layer on cookie sheet and place in oven and let roast for about 15 minutes.

In large, heavy soup pot, heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil (or butter, if not vegan). Sauté leeks for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the roasted root vegetables and apple juice. Cook until juice is reduced by half.

Add water or stock, thyme, bay leaves and parsley. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Adjust liquid, as necessary.

Remove soft, aromatic garlic from oven, and squeeze the garlic from the bulb into small bowl and mash well with fork. Stir garlic into the soup and season to taste with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Serve steamy hot.

Source: Author's culinary experience and love of soups

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Rufuszen wrote on September 16, 2015, 3:56 PM

Garlic is great in anything... except maybe ice cream!

chrisandmark wrote on September 16, 2015, 3:57 PM

I made soup today - your recipe sounds delicious, I don't think we have Yukon Gold in the UK, do you know of an alternative?

CoralLevang wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:08 PM

chrisandmark I'm not sure what you have, but the Yukon Gold is a yellow potato that holds up quite well. I do not like to use a Russet potato in soups, because they break down too easily. I love the flavor of the yellows, too.

markgraham wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:10 PM

This sounds delicious as well. I cannot wait till it cooler here in Central Louisiana but right now it still anywhere from 95 to 102 degrees in the shade. I am still a Northern boy.

CoralLevang wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:10 PM

I have actually eaten garlic ice cream at the Gilroy, CA Garlic Festival, rufuszen ! Surprisingly, it was wonderful. I think the garlic was first roasted, which sweetens it first. If you do a search, I'm sure you can find recipes.

CoralLevang wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:12 PM

Thank you, markgraham ! I miss the crawfish from Louisiana, and the gumbos. I still make them, but don't like the frozen crawfish. And it's hard to find okra around here that's any good. emoticon :winking:

markgraham wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:14 PM

You just made me hungry for okra and crawfish. I like gumbo but i really like jambalaya (all kinds).

wolfgirl569 wrote on September 16, 2015, 4:45 PM

That looks good, I have been thinking about doing some vegetable beef soup soon with the evenings getting cooler. It is just so good when the weather is cool

DWDavisRSL wrote on September 16, 2015, 9:53 PM

K makes some wonderful soups. I'll have to show her this recipe.

CoralLevang wrote on September 16, 2015, 9:58 PM

Generally, I have some sort of protein, or animal-based stock, in my soups, but this is one I have made for my vegan friends. And I love roasted vegetables, so it just works. emoticon :smile:

CoralLevang wrote on September 16, 2015, 9:58 PM

I love beef soups. NUMMIES.

Paulie wrote on September 17, 2015, 2:45 AM

Thanks for sharing a great recipe. I would be too lazy to make this, but I know my mother would love it if she were still alive.

CoralLevang wrote on September 17, 2015, 6:19 AM

The time it takes is the preparation, for sure.