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Rasta Impasta M&Ms Green Poncho For Adults

Halloween was soon approaching and I had no costume. I had no idea of what I wanted to be. So I started surfing the web for a costume and the Rasta Impasta M&Ms Green Poncho struck my interest. I felt it was something unique and different, yet cute. So I quickly decided to order it. When it arrived in the mail I was excited. When I opened the package the material felt like that of a poncho. At least I knew the costume would be comfortable. Printed on the front was the signature character face in white and the costume itself is green. It also comes with white gloves and claims that one size fits all. I'm a small framed woman and it did indeed fit me but was just a tad bulky. No big deal. It was very comfortable and easy to put on. I got a lot of compliments from others. It arrived in excellent condition and arrived to my house in a timely manner. Overall, I highly recommend this costume. Its very comfortable and roomy and it fits well. I found it to be the perfect Halloween costume and was really glad I bought it. A good investment. I love it! You will love it to.

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