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It is Strange

For the moment I am jotting this down while my mother is taking a shower. She is 81 years old and still fairly strong, so I allow her to d0 it by herself. I simply wait outside the door so I can hear if she falls or has any needs. It is a strange feeling sitting here.

It is strange how a person you love can get old. One day they are alive and full of vigor. The next day they are weak, slow minded and so vulnerable. So it is with my mother. She has Dementia which has impaired her memory greatly. Luckily she still remembers who I am. It makes hard with convewrsation and through difficult times. Currently, her sister and brother are both in the hospital. Mother cannot understand why her sister does not visit her, though I do explain repeatedly.

Strange how life progresses through the years. Being near 60 years myself, I ponder the questions of life and death. I wonder if I will have an easy transition, or will my trials be many and arduous. It is strange thinking about these things.

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