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How To Spot A Manipulating Woman

This is a somewhat random topic I wrote about years ago on Beyond Jane. I guess a few women are going to be outraged that I am revealing all of their little secrets, but it is only fair that men get a heads up into figuring out whether they are being played or is the woman they are into on the level and also remember that this article is aimed at giving advice to both sexes about how some women can be very good at manipulating others.

Some women are masters of manipulation and this article is for women who feel they are being manipulated by another woman and men will get a lot out of this article too. While men will most likely manipulate their romantic partners; a manipulating woman will sometimes attempt to manipulate everyone. This is article is more about how some women will stop at nothing to manipulate their female boss or friends.

When a manipulating woman gets what she wants, she will take this as an opportunity to manipulate you even more. Read on to discover the tricks a female manipulator will use. Once you know what you’re looking out for, it isn’t difficult to defend yourself and stop allowing her to control you.


She will work a lot harder to butter you up, simply because by nature women are suspicious. Most of us want to believe this person is sincere, and they could be, but you need to identify if there is pattern here. Does she flatter you when something serious is a stake and she needs your help? Or does she ignore you for weeks and then suddenly lay on the compliments ? If this is so, then it’s time to turn the tables on her. Agree with her and stop acting overly appreciative. If she thinks the compliments are going to your head, she will probably tone it down.

*Favoritism and Gifts*

Cutting off her ability to tempt you with something she knows you really want. Reassure her that you intend to take care of it yourself. She will very likely back away if she can see that you are capable of paying your own way.

*Claims Of Forgetfulness*

You could record your conversations so there is no misunderstanding, however having a witness present can be helpful. You could put down in writing what you have both agreed to and ask them to read through it. This way, things that were agreed on don’t get lost in translation.


Be clear on what it is you need to do and what you would like to do. Ask her to clarify why she is making a request of you. Using guilt to win you over is the oldest trick in the book for a manipulator and usually the easiest strategy to recognize. Stand up to her in this instance, and be clear that when you’ve made a decision, that decision is final.


Sometimes a manipulator will back off and perhaps stop all contact with you. Do not show her that this upsets her, as her actions are the whole point. She is expecting you to chase after her. You can show concern for her sudden withdrawal, but do not give into her emotional blackmail. You do need to make sure if she is okay, and discern as to whether this is a trick or is she being genuine. Always listen to your intuition, it never lies.

*Acting Stupid or Weak*

If another woman need help then you can be sure that many of us will be there for her. What is not okay is for someone to constantly need help. Figure out whether she needs genuine assistance or is she looking for someone to take care of her indefinitely. Enlist her help instead of taking over. Let her know that you believe in her abilities to get through this crisis. These actions will show her that you are well and truly onto her stupid games.

Most of us do not like game players or manipulators and you are well within your rights to defend yourself against a woman who pull these kinds of manipulation tricks. You will also need to decide which tricks you can tolerate and those that you cannot. When manipulation rears its ugly head again, you will need to nip it in the bud so it does not get out of control. Keep your eyes open and be strong – manipulators will only be victorious with women who choose to ignore the signs.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on September 12, 2015, 2:02 PM

That is good information to know. Also, what saddens me are those women (and men ) who only want to be your friend when they want something from you.

Last Edited: September 12, 2015, 2:03 PM

Feisty56 wrote on September 12, 2015, 6:54 PM

I think these types of manipulative behavior are found in both men and women. There is also the manipulative behavior of an abuser to consider. Those signs are often subtle, but with a pattern that can be recognized if a person is cognizant of the information.