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Income Unrelated To Work

I have heard recently on two different TV reports that in the not so distant future societies around the world will have to re-think the idea of people working for a living. This discussion is largely about the greater degree of automation and robotics being able to take over the jobs that humans usually do. This has long been the case for many blue collar jobs but is increasingly becoming more apparent with white collar positions too.

Some have estimated that over 50% of the work done by humans in developed countries will be automated by the year 2020. That's only five years away. Because of this academia has argued that populations will just have to be given income unrelated to work since they won't have jobs. It's like the Dole or welfare. I suppose big corporations will just have to pay the masses of unemployed people to survive or there will be massive civil unrest and chaos in the not too distant future.

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HappyLady wrote on September 4, 2015, 2:57 AM

A frightening prospect. I suspect people will start to rebel and we will get communities going back to pre-industrial life in protest.