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Keeping myself busy

Well, between the that I've posted, trying to think up some for seven pages of my friend's and looking into new to contribute to, things have been busy this long weekend.

I still have five to write for my friend's site and three more pieces of to submit elsewhere, but otherwise it's been quite a productive weekend. I have three items to send tomorrow, I taught myself to use the second hand Touch my husband picked up for me, and the laundry is all done and off to the service.

My Belgian friend had one of his occasional shows on Saturday so that was fun - it's always car crash radio when he's on air. He was drinking beers for me as I'm still on antibiotics and couldn't pace him with wine this time. Good thing too - he thinks he had eight beers for me and was still chatting to me on Twitter at 2am. His head yesterday must have been a tad sore.

Meanwhile it appears a German friend had a mad night on Friday. He was out at a that night, and when he came to on Saturday he had somehow acquired a black eye (as well as another monumental hangover). At least that is something I haven't had to deal with lately. I've also lost a little bit of weight in the last week too. More water, less wine in my future, I think.

The last day of the course of antibiotics is tomorrow, and then I have to wait at least three days before I can drink again. By Friday, that sad and lonely bottle in the fridge will have given up hope of ever being finished. But at least it will be nicely chilled.

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AliCanary wrote on September 2, 2015, 1:43 PM

LOL, you and all your drunk, rowdy friends emoticon :smile: It continues to blow my mind, how much writing you get done while still working full time--you are a marvel!

WordChazer wrote on September 4, 2015, 2:10 PM

Writing keeps me sane, pure and simple.

And on days like this when it took the bus an hour from work to town and another 40 minutes from town to home with a 20 minute layover in the middle, it kills the time quite well too.