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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter C)

Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like Learning ABC.

Software Category
are security tools used by forums, websites and blogs, to protect the integrity of their system. These tools are necessary because some hackers use bots to spam messages or loop holes, exploit and viruses that can cause mayhem and chaos to the website, and may cause the downfall of website of an owner.
Here on the right, pictures shows a sample of captcha, to prevent hackers for invading the system of the website, the system are producing images that can be only read by the human eye and can be decoded by the human brain to proceed to the website next page and not by any bots or computer .

Hardware Category:
Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
is a computer media storage holder used by personal computer to receive data or to send data. Not to be confused with this medium, it holds data larger and formatted differently to audio cd. This type of CD can hold upto 700 mb of storage, it's dimension is 120mm in diameter. CD-ROM can only be played by special CD-ROM drive that are connected to your PC or your other CD-ROM component. The ROM part of the CD-ROM means "Read Only Memory" , this type of CD can only be read, and can't be manipulate it anymore by any CD-ROM hardwares. And the shiny part of the rounded CD is where the data holds and that side is the side that can only be readed by the CD ROM Drives.

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