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Very often when family members and friends or love one passes on into the ancestral world, funerals are organized. We all cry one way or the other. It was during one of such funerals that Ananse [which is the local name for spider] went to the funeral grounds and started weeping for two reasons. One was that the deceased owed him 5$ and had promised to pay him the very day the wake keeping was been held. He files round the body and in the process of crying entered into a kind of conversation with the corps.
Ananse: Haha But my friend hmmm you promised to pay me to day when you knew very well you would die. Look here you better give me the money before they come and lift you up
I would go with you even into your grave he added.

Alas !!! the lights went off while Ananse was still in the room alone with the corps. As soon as the lights went off he wanted to run out but a nail hooked his cloth and prevented him from going out.
He screamed say please!! Please!! I don’t want the money again and I lied I will not go with you.

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africanpen wrote on June 12, 2014, 4:04 AM

&Ginny , Ananse thought he was clever , darkness cum dead man in the same room was all that was needed to put the fear of God in him. hahahaha