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Animals Which Are in Danger To Finish(part-4)

Animals Which Are in Danger To Finish(part-4)

. Sharks Ganges

As the name suggests , Ganges shark ( Glyphis gangeticus ) living in the Ganges River , India . The reason for the eradication of this species originates

from poaching , environment misfortune because of water contamination , and the expanding utilization of the waterway by the inhabitants .

. Gorillas Mountain

The number of inhabitants in mountain gorillas ( Gorilla beringei ) is decreased definitely because of deforestation , chasing,and exchanging into a pet.

Making their populace is just 720 people staying in the wild .

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ahm388 wrote on June 13, 2014, 8:54 AM

Most of the Animals species are weaving off. I think Government should take necessary step to get rid of this problem.