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Heavenly leak From Ghana – TRUE LIFE STORY


I was told recently that a pastor in Ghana had a revelation in recent times while on the way home. He met an old man on his way and offered the old man a ride in his car. On their way, the old man told the pastor that something strange happened in heaven the night before. The old man informed the pastor that he [The old man was in heaven that night] Terrified, the pastor curiously asked what transpired in heaven the previous night? God was very annoyed with humankind the old man said. God ordered the angels to bluster the trumpet and as the angels picked up the trumpet , Jesus, the son of man fell down and begun to appeal with tears dripping down. Blood oozed from his body as he sweats and He asked God not to make his death be worthless. God was unable to take the behaviour of the saints and the wicked nature and doings of the wicked people of this earth.

God finally spoke and said He is giving all mankind THE LAST CHANCE.
Jesus not hesitating ordered the angles to descend to the earth in the numbers and use every medium of communication possible in the 21st Century to tell the whole human race that THE END IS NEAR. Just then the old man vanished. The old man happened to be one of the angels sent to the world.
Please my heart is shaking with fear as I write this post. My prayer is that it would find you. This is an event that happened and was reported in the news a few years back. I just heard it from a friend who sent me a what-up message. Please share this message with someone you love as well as those you hate. THE END OF THE WORLD IS AT HAND. REPENT AND BE SAVED. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. I AM NOT HERE TO SCARE YOU EITHER.

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