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DeviantArt Upgraded Membership

DeviantART has a premium membership with the pretty groovy features offered. Of course that membership is only useful to the hard core professionals who will actually sell something there.

DeviantART offers :

  • $4.95 or 396 points billed every month

  • $29.95 or 2,396 points Pre-paid 12 month membership (you save 50%)

  • $47.95 or 3,836 points pre-paid 24 month membership (you save 60%)

Add "'til Hell freezes over" status and 7 years*: $200.00 or 16,000 (you save 52%)

The good thing is that you can pay with points, PayPal and Credit card. If I were using this I would personally chose yearly membership and pay it with a PayPal.

Image Credit » by AnnaER

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