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Another day another Blog - Do you remember me ?

Now since the big bubble bust I have been all over the place trying to make a few cents and I can say its not easy out there with all th professional writers stealing all the work and limelight :D
I do not know why but I always seem to forget to wrote here at one of the better places , After all I know many of you already , not personally but I read about your lives and I receive knowledge from Y`all .
Today I went to cash out at a new site but seems I am the only one with a different page header , one without a cash out drop down option . Least to say I was heartbroken because I worked my two fingers off typing .
I went over to my other blog and write a huge thing about life , that has nothing to do with any writing , yes there is more to me , and that made me feel better , then I took a nap and that really made me feel super good .
I think I need to find people more like me , people who I can trust not to rip me off or use me to make them a dollar .
I think I need to make persona my home , anyone remember me ?
What do ya think ?
By Andria Perry

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marleysa wrote on November 11, 2015, 2:59 AM

Remember me? Marleysa from Bubbles - we used to be 'connected' there.