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I cannot believe that I have been gone a week already !
How can I say this ? my life has been off the charts of late . I have been canning and cleaning ( remember I am a practicing minimalist ) and writing on new sites with witchy woman .
Okay I do not want to call her what everyone else is calling her but they got it right . Control , control and more control . Lets just say it , she must lack control at home if she treats stranger like this . Its not even her site ! eye roll !
My dogs are driving me insane , its like they are asking to be back on the chain ! After I worked my booty off making them a fenced in yard .
Good news? Heck yeah ! I am dealing with diabetes better and I am dropping a few pounds along the way .
Fiber one cheesecake bars are off the chart good but watch out or you`ll be running to the toilet ... did I say that ? :)
Bad news : it has rained everyday and I have not walked any :/
Good news is I am going to town tomorrow and shop with coupons :D and I will listen to all the insane people and I will come home and love the day I had .
Later people bedtime for me .... okay I am not going to sleep I am going to read .
By Andria Perry

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