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Scrambled Egg Brain

Does anyone remember that old commercial and this guy has a hot skillet and an egg and says " This is your brain and this is your brain on drugs ?" while he holds the eggs up as your brain and then cracks it open and lets it fry in the pan as your brain on drugs being on drugs ?
For some reason that is how I feel this morning but my brain is not fried on drugs but feels scrambled and on no drugs .
I have much to do of late and it can be overwhelming so I am writing lists to keep up .
I am figuring out how I can writing for several sites , sell on a couple sites , manage home and work outside the home . And I take care of someone 24/7 and I have a couple dogs .
Today I did not make a list , I don`t have to " go " out to work so I am trying to just work at my own pace and see how it goes .
I am sure I know what I will be doing as I look up and see the dirty house :/ But I will try tutti`s okra fritters for sure !
How is your Saturday going ?
By Andria Perry

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Anja wrote on August 17, 2015, 6:18 AM

Oh well, my Saturday went and so did Sunday. I have too many irons in the fire myself, so every day I plan to make a plan and never do. It's Monday, I am sleepy, but so much to do!