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Bear and Wolf- a Friendship Like No Other

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a truly amazing post featuring a few photos taken by a wildlife enthusiast from Finland who captured a friendship rarely seen in the animal world between two different species, a bear and a wolf:

A Unique Friendship

The view of these outstanding pictures showed me once again how surprising nature can be. It is clear from those photos that there is a close bond between the two wild animals which means a lot more than sharing their prey. They are obviously best friends and, unlike humans, I am convinced they will never betray each other. What is even more amazing is the fact the wolf seems to be accepted by other bears as well. They could easily get rid of him, but it seems that they too understand how precious the wolf is for their companion.

I think people like Lassi Raautianien, the author of these stunning pictures, have one of the most exciting occupations in the world. Capturing such moments is definitely an incredible experience for them which compensates for every hardship they face when living in the wilderness. What a privilege it is to witness such incredible moments in the middle of nature!

Image Credit » by skeeze

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Kasman wrote on August 13, 2015, 6:46 PM

There is no way we can really understand the motives of animals and anthropomorphising simply clouds the issue. I remember a wildlife programme on TV a couple of years ago about a lion which had, apparently, befriended an antelope. The lion protected it from others of its species and the two even slept snuggled up together. This lasted about three days - and then the lion ate the antelope!