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Half Dead; Yet Cheerfully Optimistic: Here I Am, There You Are

What’s the first rule for any road trip? It’s got to be knowing where you’re starting from. If we want to extend our life, we must evaluate where we are on the map of health. This might require a physical or at least an assessment of our health.

We can’t change our genes, but we can change our odds of contracting diseases. The single thing that will help extend our life is within our control: our diet. I’m not just talking about eating healthy foods, because we’ve all heard that fruits and vegetables are important. Studies have shown that through periodic fasting or cutting calories significantly, will extend the lives of various animals. To date, scientists are studying the benefits of fasting on humans. And it’s suspected that it can make a big difference in longevity.

Some new types of fasting are now being evaluated. Besides the simple water fast, there’s the juice fast and the feast, fast diet. The theory of why fasting adds years to life, is simply, because it offers the body a rest. Since so much energy is required during the digestive process, the body has less fuel for required repairs. Animals seem to know this instinctively. When they get sick or are injured, they stop eating for a while.

Besides caloric restriction, what you eat matters a lot. Processed foods have (questionable) ingredients and preservatives. Not a desirable menu for those looking to extend live and good health. But if we are to create a roadmap for our journey to health and longevity, we must closely question what we put into our mouths. What we eat or don’t eat will determine where we are going, and over time, will tell us where we’ve been.

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