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Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that comes with Windows 10. It is an upgrade on the old Internet Explorer. I have been using it for few days now so thought to write a quick review.

First, in favor of Microsoft Edge:

1. Microsoft Edge t is much faster and generally it gives you a better website view;

2. It has an integrated MSN homepage and Bing search;

3. Integrated Reading List and Web Note editor;

4. Easier touch features for tablet version.

In favor of Internet Explorer:

1. The finger swipe feature to go back to previous page is better than the back button for tablets;

2. Tabs close easier (i.e. you can close tabs without opening them first);

In general, I like the new browser. I think Microsoft finally started to work on their browsers issues, but still looking forward for them to fix some minor issues. What about you?

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iimouto wrote on August 10, 2015, 9:40 AM

I like Edge a lot better than IE too. I stopped using IE ages ago, but Edge is tempting me to go back. I may use it for a few sites like Bing Rewards.