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Quiet Sunday in the kitchen

After yesterday dealing with plumbers and all of that nonsense, today I needed to take it easy. So I didn't get a lot done besides grocery shopping this morning and cooking ahead a bit for this week.

One of sweetie's housecall patients gave him a huge bag of New Jersey "long hot" peppers, so I slow-roasted them in the oven with some garlic, olive oil and Kosher salt. Now they'll be good for a few weeks and I can use them in salsas, sauces or just on eggs or sandwiches to give them a spicy bite.

I had some brussels sprouts getting old in the fridge so I trimmed and roasted them, and made a salad for tonight with them tossed in a lemon-honey-thyme vinaigrette. This was a new recipe I wanted to try, and honestly I thought the sprouts were so good out of the oven that they didn't really need the vinaigrette. But I like sour tastes so I don't mind the taste of brussels sprouts on their own.

I also made a salad out of grilled corn, fresh tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and some of the roasted long hot peppers. With a little seasoning it should go really nice with the steaks I have in the sous vide oven that I just need to finish on the grill pan when we're ready to eat.

I'd planned to do more cooking today for the week ahead, but I was honestly just too tired out to spend all day on my feet in the kitchen. I did take out a corned beef from the freezer that I bought on "Manager's Special" after St. Patrick's Day, for all of $2, so tomorrow that's going to go in either the crock pot or the sous vide oven so I can made a corned beef casserole or stew, and leave the sweetie with some meat for sandwiches when I have to head up to my mom's later this week.

Image Credit » My grilled corn and tomato salad, photo by sockii.

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MegL wrote on August 9, 2015, 6:03 PM

Do you keep the roasted peppers in the fridge? How long do you think they last there (provided they aren't eaten of course)?

sockii wrote on August 9, 2015, 6:07 PM

Yes, I store them in the fridge covered in extra olive oil after roasting. I put a lot of salt on them so they stay good for about 2 weeks in the salt/oil cover. I did also just vacuum-bag and freeze some of them because there was no way I'd use up a whole shopping bag full of long hots in a couple weeks! And I can use the frozen peppers easily in soups and stews and sauces this winter.

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MegL wrote on August 9, 2015, 6:46 PM


cheri wrote on August 9, 2015, 8:52 PM

Thats a busy day in the kitchen. I was too yesterday and it was SUnday too