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Contrary to my beliefs

My poor mama is suffering from cramps in her left hand. She happens to be 81 years old and has rheumatoid arthritis. Only recently has the arthritis begun to become moderately severe. I hate to see her in such pain. But, short of doping her up, all I can do is help her to relax and take her mind off the pain till it begins to subside.

Growing old is not an easy part of the life process because it goes contrary to everything we have ever believed in. I, myself am about to turn the big 6-O. That is 60 years just in case you did not get that. Nowadays that is relatively young, but when you are aging as fast as I am, well let us just say that I am feeling my future already.

Arthritic pains and pains in general have attacked my body from top to bottom and all along the sides. My eyesight is beginning to wane and the original teeth are long gone. My poor legs can not walk me for two blocks even if my lungs allowed it.

No, growing old is definitely contrary to what I knew. But, that is life, right? Below is some added info and updates on rheumatoid arthritis

Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid arthritis treatment

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