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Better your relationship

Hello let me ask you a question. Do you have a good relationship or a bad relationship with your current loved one. What i mean by this is are you always fighting with your partner. If so I may be able to help. Relationships are not perfect. We all have our down falls. We say things we dont mean we do things we dont mean. So how does one create a lasting relationship that will bring peace.

here are three ideas.

1: Always admit your faults. Under stand you are not perfect and that you are human.

understand that you cant make it alone. That you need help. Begin to unleash the power of love.

if you show love to your partner you will be able to withstand anything that comes your way.

2: Always forgive: Forgiveing is a great key to your happiness in your relationship. Forgiving will let the past move on. And the future forward. if you forgive you will see a change in your relationship

my third step is simply kindness

3: show kindness to everyone. Show kindness to everyone no matter who they are. Show that you really care. A person who shows love become a great leader in all he does. so Begin to show kindness.

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