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What to do in hot days (45 degrees Celsius)? Ideas?

We all enjoy hot summer days but when temperatures go too high then it stops being amusing. During my last visit to Bosnia the temperature during most days was around 45 degrees Celsius. The question is how to spend a holiday in such extremity hot conditions? The first thing that comes to mind is swimming but there weren't any swimming pools or beaches nearby so that was not an option. I spent most of the day indoors watching TV. Not a perfect way to spend your holidays. Most of my go-outs where during the night after it cooled down a little bit. Did you ever have extremity hot holidays? What other ideas are there to spend hot summer days?

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Paulie wrote on August 6, 2015, 11:49 PM

We had temperatures around 40 for over four months before the rainly season started last month. The only thing I did was to stay out of the heat in an air-conditioned room.