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Where Has the Time Gone?

I know that a few of you have wondered where I went, and apologies to you for not having kept in touch. I wish I could offer each of you one of my healthy oatmeal cookies. The sweet WWII vet that I sort of look after likes oatmeal, but I never know how much he is going eat, so I make extra and what is left in the pan ends up as the first ingredient in my cookies. Some of the food I make for him is easy because what he doesn't finish I finish for him, but not oatmeal and not bananas. Those I like as ingredients in smoothies and baked goods, but not by themselves.

Usually I plump lots of raisins first and use them, water and all in the oatmeal, along with cinnamon, and very little maple syrup and/or brown sugar. The leftover oatmeal I combine with a little Pillsbury chunky chocolate oatmeal cookie mix. Yes, it has tons of sugar, but I am only using a little bit. What else? An egg, semisweet chocolate bits, and oat flour which I grind in the blender from, you guessed it, oatmeal. It takes about 6 minutes to bake these in my NuWave countertop oven. Sometimes I make them like bars, and sometimes round like cookies.

I hope that all is well with all of you and honestly, I cannot believe how many months it has been since I was on here last. Taking care of my 96 year old friend is time consuming, so don't be mad if it takes a while for me to get around to visiting your articles, or if I disappear again. Just wanted to check in and let you know we are alive and happy.

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