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House Arrest Update

So, you may have noticed I haven't added to my "Day _ Of House Arrest" posts (today would be day 17 if anyone's wondering), and I want you to know it's not because I forgot about you! I just realized that my life is not THAT interesting, and those posts were going to get tedious fast! Haha. So I stopped the daily posts, but thought I would send you a bulk update! :)

I have been doing really good about sticking with the exercise. Here are my times/distances on the treadmill since my last post on the 26th:

7/27/15: 1.1 miles in 18.67 minutes

7/28/15: 1.1 miles in 17.95 minutes (woot)

08/01/15: 1 mile in 15.67 minutes

08/02/15: 1.1 miles in 20.58 minutes

08/05/15: 1.56 miles in 43 minutes (half on a x3 incline and half on a x5 incline)

For today's run you might notice that it was much slower than the others. There is a reason for this! I did some research and I read that exercising LONGER burns more fat that exercising HARDER. So until I will work myself into running long AND fast, but right now I will now focus on exercising longer.

*Some other updates: I FINALLY have a surgery date. I was worried it wouldn't be until September, which was very upsetting because I can't work until I have it done, and I was worried I would lose my job. But today I confirmed with them that my pre-op procedure will be on 08/10/15 and then the actual surgery will be 08/21/15. My boss has been awesome and supportive, so I'm not so stressed out now!

*Today my friend also asked me to live with her and her fiance to help out with rent and to get me out of my parents house (an issue I've been having for a long time). There are a lot of pros to doing this, but there is still a lot to consider. I told her I definitely have to wait until after the surgery, and that will give me some time to think about it. I may be writing another post or 2 about this!

How have you guys been??

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DWDavisRSL wrote on August 6, 2015, 4:23 PM

It's good to see you've been keeping up with your exercise. I've been trying to walk more but if I do on one day all the more aching on the next. Got to keep trying though. Glad you have a surgery date. I know it is a relief to know when.

Began1988 wrote on August 8, 2015, 10:50 PM

If you have a phone that you can add apps to you should add "Walk For A Dog" and then find my rescue (Paw Promise Animal Rescue in Sun City, Az) and you can walk for us :D We get money for how often and how far you walk. It's free, you just have to remember to start the app when you start walking, and turn it off when you're done! :D haha.