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Driving the Bow Valley Parkway

While in Banff, our favorite route to drive is the Bow Valley Parkway, the scenic road between Banff town and Lake Louise. This is a much slower paced road than the Trans-Canada highway, its alternate route.

There are several stops along the road, great hiking opportunities along the road. You can hike to beautiful waterfalls, to the top of a mountain, or sometimes just stroll along a river or lake.

But the main reason we usually choose this route instead of the highway it that almost every time we see some wild life there. This time the biggest animal we saw was this beautiful deer, grazing along the road, not even bothered by the cars around him. Big horn sheep are very likely to pass the road at some point, and occasionally, if you get lucky, you might even spot a bear.

Image Credit » (c) EmeseReka

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JohnRoberts wrote on July 30, 2015, 10:54 PM

Great photo. I have never seen a deer with an antler rank like that in the wild. That's something.