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As you can see from the title,it is past four in the morning. I spent my whole day yesterday trolling the internet and failed to work. I had to make up for that to ensure I don't lagtoo much behind in mywriting targets.

Today happens to have quite a number of things going on. To the soccer fans, the begins. On this I do not have much to say. I will let the grown up boys do the talking by chasing that piece of leather up to where they want to get. We will see who takes it up to the finals.

It also happens to be the . This takes me back to my childhood. When I was growing up, we loved picking coffee. My parents were a bit strict so we never got this chance always. When our agemates were busy playing in the coffee farms as well as gaining experience picking the red ripe beans, we were left at home. We would beg to be allowed to go there. We dreaded being left at home.

We had our way a few times and enjoyed the picking.That though is where the fan ended. As most of our peers accompanied their parents to the coffee factory, we were never allowed to go there. Despite there being a coffee factory so close to my home, I only got to tour it as a grown up. The rest of the kids would narrate the coffee processing from A-Z but we couldn't. That made us feel left out.

In current times, all this would be termed as child labour. I agree there are limits that should be set but on the other hand, kids should be allowed to explore and gain experience in matters that may not cause them harm without the welfare officers being on your case. On the other hard, it is important that parents and the society play their role in ensuring that children are not denied their childhood. playyour part today where you can. Make your surrounding a safe have for children.

Another thing happening today is the presentation of the budget statements by the Member states. If I think about this I might get a heart attack before it is done. I will wait for the incomprehensible figures to do the talking. I am looking forward to a great day. Hope you too are. See you around.


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DoubleDabrew wrote on June 11, 2014, 9:45 PM

That means you are a Filipino &cinderella ? Happy Independence Day.

DoubleDabrew wrote on June 11, 2014, 10:05 PM

Have a great one.

lizliz wrote on June 11, 2014, 10:45 PM

It is also my birthday =) But the against child labor day is much more important =)

DoubleDabrew wrote on June 12, 2014, 10:31 AM

A happy birthday to you. Enjoy.