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That sun is hot

I am sitting here, trying to collect my thoughts and all I can think about is that sun is hot. It shines in my back door window right on my lap, as if it is like a dog cuddling up to me. And like a dog it is making me so warm and really uncomfortable because I am almost sweating and I don't sweat easily. It is very hard to collect thoughts in this weather I find. I am very thankful for the air conditioner that helps me gather my thoughts. I guess as a nation a lot of us have become spoiled and expect the temperature around us to remain at 74 and often times cooler. It is really hard to imagine the inside temperature climbing to over 80. I must be a wuss but seriously its hard tot think when its this hot.

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cheri wrote on August 6, 2015, 11:08 PM

As of the moment our weather is gloomy