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Now Is The Time

I fear for Americans in general. There has been yet another shooting in the U.S. and the Governor of Lousiana Bob Jindal has said repeatedly to the media that now is the time to pray and grieve, not talk about gun control. So tell us, if now is not the time, when will it ever be the time?

As far as I'm concerned, any politician who says this is a moral accomplice in every shooting death, particularly Gov. Jindal because he signed the legislation that loosened Louisiana's gun laws.

NOW is the time to talk about gun safety. It is ALWAYS the time to talk about gun safety. It will never not be the time. And any politician who argues that "now is not the time" is a stooge for the gun industry.

Over 6500 Americans have died so far this year from gun-related incidents. That's more than died in the World Trade Centre. And nobody has declared a war on guns yet.

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DWDavisRSL wrote on July 26, 2015, 9:03 PM

Some might argue that the political left in this country declared war on guns a long time ago. Outlawing guns would probably work out as well as when this country tried to outlaw alcohol. That didn't sit well with people and alcohol was made legal again. In 2013, the last year for which data is available, not counting alcohol related accidents and homicides, this perfectly legal substance killed over 29,000 people. Outlawing illicit drugs has also worked out well for this country. If you deducted the number of gun deaths related to the illicit drug trade from the total number, I wonder what you would find.

The real problem is how do you keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill without infringing on the rights of law abiding people to arm themselves against criminals, because no matter how much effort is made to disarm law abiding Americans, the criminals will always be able to get guns.

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Sailorchronos wrote on July 26, 2015, 9:46 PM

I didn't say that I wanted to outlaw guns, because as you rightfully stated, Prohibition and banning drugs didn't go over well. Background checks for gun owners are part of the solution but that won't be enough. In 2006 a young man with several legally obtained guns marched into Montreal's Dawson College and killed one woman and injured 19 other people. He seemed to have no prior history of mental problems. So it would be really difficult to weed out people who shouldn't have a firearm.