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Day 5 of My House Arrest

Again, I failed to get on the treadmill today! -_- But in my defense it is a little difficult to do when the treadmill is in the living room, and you have 3 nephews (ages 1 - 7) and other family members hanging around! They are visiting Arizona from Cali for a little less than 2 weeks, but they won't be here at my house the entire time. I'll definitely get as much running in as possible!

But I still got some exercise today! I took my 2 older nephews swimming. I got some laps in, and I also dragged them around the pool, so definitely a work out!

I was also bad about writing today - this is my only post today and I didn't add anything to my story (again I blame a busy house being the distraction). And it's almost 10pm right now so I don't want to try to write anything and have it be weird because I'm so tired! Haha

No movies today, but I did watch some videos with my nephews (funny animal videos, couple of music videos, and my oldest nephew's favorite "It's A Dad's Life" rap on youtube)!

My mom made all of us (me, my 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, and 3 nephews) chicken and dumplings for dinner. Mmm Mmm. And after dinner I helped my 2 older nephews make a special "Cake in a Mug" desert. Maybe I'll post the recipe on here sometime!

Anyways, off to bed for now! Hope everyone had a great day!

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MegL wrote on July 26, 2015, 7:43 AM

I love that you are calling it "house arrest", that is definitely what it feels like when my grandchildren are here (most days!)

wolfgirl569 wrote on July 26, 2015, 10:40 AM

Dinner sounds great, I need to make some soon. Would love to see the recipe for the cake sometime

Began1988 wrote on July 28, 2015, 6:21 PM

Lol I'm kind of going stir crazy a little bit. The last day I left my house was 7/20...which might not seem like a long time feels like it! Haha. And I'm sure when I'm back to work I'm going to feel like I need a break! Haha.