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The dog was dieing

I had a weird dream last night that I will try to recall best I can. I think its relatively important to remember our dreams even though they may not make sense, I believe they can have and hold some meaning in the future. But don't ask me to interpret a dream because mine are as odd as the next person's.

The dream was about a loyal dog, of which I don't recall what kind but he was a medium sized dog. in the dream there was a dog an owner and the owners wife and I was spending the night there. It was in a downtown video with a beautiful view of the bay. These large birds were also part of the dream, if i recall correctly i believe they were owls. There was also red ants roaming around like they owned the place, and these red ant's would bite and unleash a small amount of poison. Anyways apparently these owls were immune to this venom that the ants produced and the owls would emit their own secretions that supposedly was the source of their immunity.

So the old man got a needle sucked up the owls secretions and proceeded to inject them into his dog. I knew this was a bad idea as in my job as a respiratory therapist I have learned that if the needle isn't sterile then it can hold a lot of germs. I have also learnt that birds hold a lot of parasites and that one animals defence mechanisms might not work for the next. However the man was good intentioned and I commend him for that but I wish I had time to shout out a warning but I believe I was just baffled by the whole experience.

The dog right away started to build fluid in his lungs and collapsed. I knew this dog was most likely a goner as he was having difficulty breathing. The man felt awful and was panicked, I grabbed my mask and started to perform CPR and rescue breathing on a dog even though I knew the effort was futile. I must have broke every bone in the dogs rib and it was a hard fit to get a humans mask onto a dogs face but I did what I could. And on that I woke up. Not sure if the dog died or not I guess that wasn't the point... I guess the point was just to be there for some and not look away like we often do..

So I think we can all learn from our dreams and I think the trick is to remember them and I think its wonderful to keep a record publicly on these issues for the benefit of others and for the fact that we can later re-visit our experiences. I also find it funny how most dreams only seem to be 20 minutes long then we wake or drift into another stage of sleep. Imagine if we had a full put intense dream for 8 hours - I doubt if anyone would survive that.

I hope everyone has a great day and has the opportunity to spread a little charity today!!

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GoodSamaritan33373 wrote on July 27, 2015, 8:24 AM

I doubt that even if the needle was sterile that it would have produced a positive effect and that is because the immune system is different in different animals and even different from person to person. So the cells use to fight infection in the bird might have been attacked by the dog's on immune system and could have caused more havoc in the dog. But maybe the man knew more then I gave him credit and has seen something like this work before. A sterile needle would have definitely helped though and who knows crazy things happen.

cheri wrote on August 6, 2015, 11:07 PM

We all do have dreams and sometimes it tells us something