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Tonight, and this weekend

Hey guys,

How's your Friday going? I am running errands with my mom today and then later having pizza or Spaghetti Factory for dinner tonight. Tomorrow were going to Mcdonald for the $1 off deal for any mccafe and iced coffee by 3pm probably, and having family time hopefully. Sunday probably not much going on except for myself I will try to watch a church live stream on my laptop from missing it because my sleeping hours are odd recently. It's been hard to sleep at night either because of my weird sleeping schedule or I have tons on my mind, but eventually I crash by 4am. I've been getting up between 1pm and 2pm. Hey it's Summer Vacation that's why, but I do have to get up by noon on Mondays now because of my volunteer job. I don't mind I like the volunteer job.

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CoralLevang wrote on July 20, 2015, 5:09 AM

I had not been introduced to you here, so just stumbled upon your site and this had not been seen nor commented on. I have noticed that when I start commenting on others' posts, we get into more community style discussions, and it has helped me reach my first pay out goal in a much shorter time than what I thought would happen.

I hope that you will join us all in reading and joining our discussions.